London police accused of racial slur

Written on:April 6, 2023
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At least 20 officers of the Metropolitan Police have been accused of racially charged behaviour just days after the Met chief Bernard Hogan-Howe pledged to uproot racism from his department.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) received 10 fresh complaints yesterday for review after a video revealed disturbing footage of an officer verbally abusing a young black man following the riots in London.

Another gruesome CCTV recording showed PC Joe Harrington assaulting an underage youth at an east London police station.

The fresh allegations include charges of bullying of PCSOs in Wandsworth; physical assault of a group of young people in Hyde Park last year; and allegation of racial abuse in Camden this January.

Saying that “the Met does not tolerate racism”, Deputy Commissioner Craig Mackey informed that three officers were debarred from duty after they were found guilty of making offensive comments to other officers. Two more officers were also suspended later on over similar charges, Mackey said.

“Whilst any use of racist language is abhorrent, what is reassuring for me is that in the 10 cases that have been referred to the IPCC, six involve other officers who have stood up and raised concerns, showing that we are an organisation that will not stand for any racist behaviour”, the Deputy Commissioner said.

Meanwhile, the IPCC said in a statement that it evaluates each referral on its merit and uses its own discretionary power before taking a decision about review. The Commission has not yet started probing into any of the recent referrals, it informed.

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