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UK outshines US in Monocle ‘Global Soft Power’ list, dubbed most potent nation

Written on:November 19, 2023
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UK has had a global presence in 2012 due to the Olympics while the US has been insular due to the presidential election

Britain has occupied the primary position in the yearly ‘Global Soft Power’ survey, conducted by the Monocle magazine. As per Monocle, Britain occupied the first spot for the first time in the ‘Global Soft Power’ survey due to the grand triumph of the London Olympics, the likability of the latest James Bond film and the international reach of the British media.

The positioning of Britain at the top in Monocle’s ‘Global Soft Power’ survey has been interpreted by the British media as an indication that Britain has the capacity to convince other national governments to do its bidding, without resorting to unmanned drones and semi-automatics.

In the Monocle survey, Britain’s occupation of the first spot has resulted in the US being demoted to the second position. The US has traditionally been perceived as a nation that has had ample ‘soft power’ through its Hollywood, its TV serials, the various clothing brands, its eateries, its beverages, its academic institutions overseas, its musical scene, etc.

‘Soft power’ evaluates each nation’s influence vis-à-vis its politics, culture, sports, its diplomatic strength, commerce and its educational spread. ‘Soft power’ doesn’t analyse a nation’s military muscularity and financial clout.

As per the Monocle ‘Global Soft Power’ survey, Danny Boyle’s glittering Olympic inauguration ceremony was the perfect showcase for Britain.

Other factors, which pushed Britain to the foremost spot in the Monocle survey, were the successful organisation of the Paralympics and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. The fact that 29 million tourists have voyaged to Britain this year hitherto and the reality of 22 British pop music albums occupying the first position in foreign nations this year also contributed to the British ascendancy in the Monocle ‘Global Soft Power’ survey.

Monocle’s editor-in-chief, Tyler Brule, has uttered that Britain has experienced tremendous momentum this year. The Olympics contributed pivotally to that momentum, with the people feeling good about the Union Jack. As per Brule, the US was highly inward-looking due to the presidential election, and its overseas military occupations snatched from it the top spot.

Germany, France, Sweden and Japan occupied the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th positions respectively.

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