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Boris Johnson speech celebrating UK Olympics stars could be chartbuster

Written on:October 12, 2023
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Boris Johnson’s Olympics parade speech has been included in a track by chart group, The Soldiers

The Boris Johnson speech at the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham, which was received enthusiastically by certain Tory activists, has apparently irked some Conservative ministers of the UK Coalition government, who have accused the loquacious London Mayor of attempting to turn away the attention on PM David Cameron at the Conservative Conference.

The peeved ministers have alleged the outspoken Johnson deliberately participated in a melee of media interviews after delivering a speech at the Conservative conference. The Boris Johnson speech, which involved him confessing his fidelity to David Cameron, has been disregarded by one ‘unnamed’ minister, who has remarked that the Mayor participated in those interviews subsequently knowing wholly well that his divergences with David Cameron would be divulged during those interviews.

Meanwhile, an earlier Boris Johnson speech, celebrating the UK sportspersons’ success in the Olympics, has been placed in a track by the chart group, The Soldiers. That Boris Johnson speech outside the Buckingham Palace in September, which was rather stirring, elicited cheeriness in the crowds, who seemed to be seduced by his wittiness.

Now, that Olympic celebration speech has been included in a new recording by the trio, I Have A Dream, on their impending album.

Johnson had joined Team GB for ‘Our Greatest Team’ parade to acknowledge the accomplishments of all, who had contributed to British success. Johnson famously remarked the UK sportspersons had displayed to all British kids that success stems from hard work, grittiness and gutsiness and not from luckiness and talent alone.

Thus, Boris Johnson could be heading for the charts because of this speech, which is another indication of his renown, notwithstanding his detractors.

Also, a ComRes survey of local Tory activists has found 35% of them think that Johnson as Conservative chief would brighten the party’s prospects of winning a majority in the 2015 general elections. 40% believed that he would weaken the party’s chances as leader.

Relatedly, Sir Max Hastings, Johnson’s editor at Daily Telegraph, assessed he would be a wretched egomaniacal PM, not worthy of being trusted or respected.

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