Newport man accused of sexually exploiting young women

Written on:June 21, 2023
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Newport spiritualist alleged of committing sexual offence (Image courtesy: European Parliament)

In a repulsive act of brainwashing and manipulation, a middle-aged man from Newport made young women strip naked to ‘help’ them establish contact with the world of spirits.

Karl Lang, 49, is now being tried at Newport Crown Court for tricking two young women in their 20s into performing lewd sexual acts to “enhance their psychic powers”. The court heard that the victims approached Karl between 2005 and 2009 with the hope of getting in touch with their dead family members.

What Karl did with the two women was “a cruel trick”, prosecutor Matthew Roberts said, calling him a “sexual fraudster” who diddled with his unassuming victims to satisfy his own devious urges. The court learned that Karl even asked the two women to keep their mouth shut, claiming that he was a new avatar of Christ!

Karl’s first alleged victim could not keep things bottled up and spilled the beans via a video link, saying, “I was vulnerable, manipulated and brainwashed and he knew it. He told us what we were doing was normal, but I felt pressurised and uncomfortable.”

The 49-year-old man tried to convince the two women - whose identities have been kept undisclosed - that he was acting at the behest of the world of spirits and everything he was doing was to help them communicate with their near and dear ones who had passed away.

“One day he said he’d performed oral sex on a girl he was training. He said the spirit world was instructing him to do it with me. I knew then it had to stop”, said one of the women.

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  1. Anon says:

    You couldn’t make it up - oh wait they are! What a load of rubbish, have these girls for nothing better to do with their time…

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