Illegal female genital mutilations on the rise in the UK

Written on:April 23, 2023
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A total of 100,000 women in the UK underwent female genital mutilations (FGM) with UK medics, who were willing to carry out this appalling illegal procedure on girls who are barely 10 years old.

A secret filming shows a doctor, dentist and medical practitioner, allegedly performing circumcisions or willing to make arrangements to carry out the ghastly operations.

Omar Sheikh Mohamed Addow, a dentist in Birmingham, was filmed describing how the clitoris could be pierced with a needle and then clamped. He allegedly has been caught on camera, willing to circumcise two girls aged 10 and 13.

The operation involves surgical removal of external genitalia through surgery, and in some cases, stitching of the vaginal opening, which is a punishable offence in the UK, carrying a 14-year imprisonment.

The undercover operation also shows involvement of a GP who referred the undercover reporter to the dentist. The undercover reporters also spoke to a supplier who deals with alternative medicine. He apparently also offered to circumcise a 10-year-old girl for £750.

The painful procedure, known as ‘cutting’, is carried out for cultural and religious reasons in African nations, and with a large number of migrants from these countries entering into the UK, the practice is becoming more common in Britain. This gruesome process is done in the name of retaining a girl’s ‘purity’ for her marriage.

The victim isn’t given anesthesia during the operation and has to endure the pain in full consciousness. Often the victim faces long term difficulty in standing and walking properly after the operation.

There is no medical justification for these procedures and despite being illegal in the UK; no one has been prosecuted for being involved in such heinous crimes.

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