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Max Clifford rejects Paul Burrell’s allegations of having violated his privacy

Written on:December 12, 2023
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Paul Burrell has alleged that Max Clifford sold his personal details to News of the World

Max Clifford, days after being interrogated by the police over alleged sex offences, is now being sued by Late Princess Diana’s butler Paul Burrell for alleged violation of confidentiality. The highly renowned publicist, however, rejects Paul Burrell’s allegations against him.

Paul Burrell has asserted that he had appointed Max Clifford about a decade ago in an attempt to restrict unpleasant press coverage about him. Now, however, Paul Burrell is alleging that Max Clifford, instead of stopping stories about Burrell, actually handed them over to The News of the World. As per Paul Burrell, Max Clifford requested him to hand over his personal details so that Clifford could tackle them in case they were unveiled by the media.

But, allegedly, Max Clifford passed on Paul Burrell’s handwritten documents, consisting of his personal details, to the News of the World.

Max Clifford, who has emphatically repudiated the sex offence allegations against him, has responded potently to the allegations launched against him by the ex-royal servant.

Max Clifford referred to Paul Burrell’s allegations as opportunistic and bereft of merit.The publicist, who has done PR work for several celebrities, has remarked that Paul Burrell’s accusations against him are an insult to commonsensicality.

Max Clifford, in his statement, voiced that Paul Burrell is a man, who vended innumerable stories to newspapers and emerged on TV countless times. The former royal servant has even penned a book about his interactions with the British royal family, declared Max Clifford.

The publicist was implying that Paul Burrell didn’t have the right to claim any information of his was confidential. As per Max Clifford, his legal team will request the judges to annul these allegations against him and ask the judges to declare these allegations as having no chance of success and an abuse of judicial process.

Max Clifford has built a money-spinning and high-profile career as a PR manager of some prominent celebrities.

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