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Prince Harry’s missile strike kills Taliban commander in Afghanistan

Written on:December 24, 2023
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Prince Harry’s military duty in Afghanistan consists of offering ‘covering fire’ for ground combat troops

Prince Harry has killed his first Taliban commander in Afghanistan, with the tabloid, The Sun, voicing that the co-pilot unveiled a missile strike to exterminate the Taliban terrorist leader in late October in Helmand. The Ministry of Defence hasn’t yet corroborated the reported event of Prince Harry killing a Taliban commander.

Prince Harry, who has become an extremely popular figure with his military comrades, is on military duty currently in the volatile Afghan province of Helmand. Harry has been flying combat missions everyday helping soldiers in contact, which is the code provided when ground forces are engaged by inimical fighters.

One of Prince Harry’s military comrades has voiced to The Sun that they were on patrol, during which the Apache helicopters were called in. Subsequently, the troops listened to a ‘posh’ voice come over the radio. Instantaneously, they knew that the voice was that of Big H. The Taliban commander being hunted by the Apache helicopters was a senior terrorist functionary.

The comrade went on to inform The Sun that the Apache helicopter then discharged some Hellfire missiles and its 30mm cannon. It was Big H’s domination all the way, beamed the comrade to The Sun.

Ministry of Defence has confessed that Prince Harry had deployed ammunition in his operations. The third in line to the monarchical throne has been operating as the gunner and navigator in an Apache attack helicopter for the Army Air Corps in Afghanistan since September.

Prince Harry’s unit in Afghanistan averages two kills a week. His spokesman had remarked at the time of Prince Harry’s deployment in Afghanistan in September that eliminating Taliban fighters wasn’t an issue for Harry.

Prince Harry is nearing the conclusion of a four-month tour of military duty with 622 Sqn, 3 Regiment Army Air Corps, headquartered at Camp Bastion in Helmand. His duty is to provide covering fire for ground combat troops and for transport helicopters.

Meanwhile, British intelligence agents reportedly fear that the Taliban will heighten efforts to assassinate Prince Harry over media reports claiming he killed a Taliban commander.

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