Prince William completes training, qualifies as search and rescue captain

Written on:June 8, 2023
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The Duke of Cambridge completed two days of ground and air based tests

It’s been a few days only since the Royal Family was absorbed in mirths of merriment for Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and now there’s another reason for party in the Windsor Castle - Prince William has qualified to fly Sea King helicopters for search and rescue missions in the Royal Air Force.

Britain’s Ministry of Defence told on Thursday that the Duke of Cambridge completed two days of ground and air based tests to achieve the new title. He was previously authorised to co-pilot search and rescue missions for 22 Squadron based in Anglesey in North Wales.

His graduation came after two years of training, which included this year’s six-week deployment to the Falklands with C Flight, 22 Squadron, with whom he has been stationed in Anglesey, Wales, since September 2010.

But, in spite of the new command chops, Prince William will still be referred to by his previous rank, Flight Lieutenant Wales, because he is an operational captain only. “Flight Lieutenant Wales demonstrated the required standards needed for the award of Operation Captaincy,” said Mark Dunlop, the commander of 22 Squadron.

“Due to the nature of search and rescue operations, the required standards are always set at a very high level. Operational Captaincy carries the overarching responsibility for the safety of the aircraft, its crew and any casualties,” Dunlop added.

Qualifying fly Sea King helicopters gives William another reason to celebrate when he turns 30 in two weeks time. Last year Prince William said the promotion would be an honour, stating, “The training has been challenging, but I have enjoyed it immensely. I absolutely love flying, so it will be an honour to serve operationally with the Search and Rescue Force.”

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