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Phone hacking scandal: Rebekah Brooks trial to start in September 2013

Written on:September 26, 2023
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Phone hacking scandal involving News International questioned media ethics

Rebekah Brooks, the disgraced former Chief Executive of News International, linked to the notorious phone hacking scandal, will have to face judicial trial in September 2013 over phone hacking allegations. Accompanying her in the trial will be Andy Coulson, the ex-communications director for David Cameron.

Coulson’s connection to the phone hacking scandal threw muck in David Cameron’s reputation due to his appointment of Coulson as his ‘communications director.’

The two came to light on Wednesday at the Old Bailey along with associate ex-journalists from the now inoperative tabloid, News of the World (NOTW).

44-year-old Brooks is accused of plotting to obstruct the course of justice over allegations that she attempted to veil data from the police officers, who were investigating the phone hacking scandal. She is also facing the accusation of conspiracy to access the voicemails, which prosecutors utter could affect up to 600 victims of the phone hacking shenanigan.

Also, six former staffers of NOTW face charges related to the phone hacking scandal ranging from ex-managing editor, Stuart Kuttner, to ex-news editor, Greg Miskiw, to ex-chief reporter, Neville Thurlbeck. The other staffers encountering charges include former chief of news, Ian Edmondson, former reporter, James Weatherup, and ex-private detective, Glenn Mulcaire.

The defendants, who have been discharged on bail, will appear in court most likely on September 9 next year, which is the tentative trial date.

The phone hacking scandal raised the matter of media morals in the UK in a big way. The ordinary UK people saw that powerful news bodies like News International and its sister concerns could contravene the privacy of UK civilians. Personal information, which should be in the private domain, were accessed by certain segments of the potent UK news media.

Issues of TRPs and the UK media rivalry were discussed in the phone hacking scandal’s unseemly aftermath. The quest of news bodies to gain data first was said to be the reason for the eruption of this scandal, which shook the faith of the UK public in the justness of the media.

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