Body of baby at Bell Waste Control: Teenage ‘mother’ appears

Written on:May 3, 2023
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Just a day after Humberside Police found a body of young boy at the recycling plant in North Lincolnshire, a teenager has come forward claiming to be the mother of dead baby boy.

According to the reports, officers received a telephone call yesterday from a girl who was in a distressed state, saying that she was the mother of the baby found at Bell Waste Control in Scunthorpe. The teenage girl was taken to Scunthorpe General Hospital where she is now receiving post-natal care.

“Whilst it is not yet clear exactly what the circumstances of this incident are, it is believed that the baby was newborn. The teenage girl is now receiving the necessary care she requires and further inquiries into the circumstances of what happened will be made in due course, including a post-mortem examination of the baby which is due to take place later:, said a spokeswoman for Humberside Police.

The body of boy, believed to be less than six months old, was found by worker picking off cardboard, wood, paper, metal and other objects for recycling at Bell Waste Control yesterday. The worker, who initially mistook the child for a doll or cuddly toy, was very distressed after realising it was a baby.

Recycling plant manager Steve Kent told ITV News that as soon as the baby’s body was located on picking station they stopped the machines and called the police, adding that the worker spent most of the day with the police but had since been sent home. He explained that the waste would have come into the plant in the last two or three days from a large area, including the towns of Doncaster, Grimsby and Scunthorpe.

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