Conservative stinging rebuke by voters, Labour on track for big win

Written on:May 4, 2023
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Labour is on the course for big win in the 2012 United Kingdom local elections as voters slashed out at the Conservative Party, punishing David Cameron for leading Britain back into recession.

David Cameron and Nick Clegg suffered a bruising night of defeats with Labour racking up big gains in the local elections results announced so far. Early results for regional council elections showed Labour seizing control of 20 more local administrations, including wins in the key councils such as Thurrock, Harlow, Southampton, Birmingham, Norwich, Great Yarmouth and Chorley.

Conservative left the Prime Minister embarrassed by losing seats of Witney Central, Witney East and Chipping Norton in his Oxfordshire constituency. Moreover, Manchester, Nottingham and Coventry ignored Cameron’s pleas and rejected proposals for elected mayors. Birmingham and other cities are also expected to do the same.

Till now 92 of 181 council results across England, Scotland and Wales have been declared and Labour has won 428 new seats, while the Conservatives had lost 243. The results also reflect people’s dissent over Liberal Democrats’ sign up with Cameron’s coalition in 2010, as Liberal Democrats lost 25 seats.

Overall Labour looks on the course of gaining 700 seats, with projected 39% vote share ahead of Tories 31% and the Lib Dems 16%. However, Ed Miliband suffered a blow in Bradford, where Respect Party took five council seats from Labour.

Nigel Farag’s UK Independence Party enjoyed its best ever local election night, with about 14% votes at places where its candidates were contesting. The UKIP’s performance will increase the pressure on the coalition to hold an EU referendum.

Local Government Secretary and former Tory Chairman Eric Pickles, who expected the gloomy results, told Sky News, “When a party is rock bottom there’s only one way to go. But I’m not seeking to rain on Labour’s parade.”

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