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Rowan Atkinson’s car crash of 2011 gives him record insurance of £910,000

Written on:February 8, 2024
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Rowan Atkinson had purchased the McLaren F1 car in 1997 from the income from his first Mr. Bean film

Funnyman Rowan Atkinson’s car crash has compelled his insurance company to pay £910,000 to fix his McLaren F1. Rowan Atkinson’s car insurance bill has thus become the biggest ever recorded in Britain. Rowan Atkinson’s car crash, which occurred 16 months ago, was the second time that the funnyman was involved in a car crash. Before the Rowan Atkinson car accident case, the previous highest car crash insurance bill by Aviva was three times lower.

The Mr. Bean actor sustained a shoulder blade injury when his car rammed a tree in August 2011 on the A605 near Haddon, Cambridgeshire. Rowan Atkinson recuperated rapidly after the incident. However, the 240 mph McLaren F1 car had to be there in the McLaren (Surrey) Woking base for over a year as the technicians attempted to renovate the damaged supercar. Technicians had used up the first four weeks assessing the damage, in an attempt to ascertain how much it would cost to overhaul the vehicle.

Rowan Atkinson, who is a passionate lover of cars, had purchased the McLaren car in 1997 for £640,000 from the proceeds from his initial Mr. Bean film. The
insurance company, which shelled out the huge amount for the comedian
, has not been divulged yet. But the company provided the greenlight for the repair work to be performed on the McLaren subsequently. The value of Rowan Atkinson’s car has increased considerably over the past 16 years.

The McLaren car, purchased by Rowan Atkinson in 1997, was vended for £3.5 million in 2012. The Blackadder actor has now returned behind the wheel 16 months after the crash. He has described the experience as putting on a familiar sweater. He has lauded the McLaren as a highly usable car, saying that it is a crime not to drive it. While talking to Classic and Sports Car magazine about his car accident, Rowan Atkinson stated that he didn’t like concealing cars. He believed that they should be used. He voiced that it saddens him that good cars are sometimes hidden like investment art or gold ingots in a Swiss vault.

Rowan Atkinson’s previous McLaren F1 crash was in 1999 when he rammed a Rover Metro driven by an elderly man.

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