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Snow in London makes Heathrow airport annul 130 flights from Monday schedule

Written on:January 21, 2024
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After the terrible disruptions in 2010 at the Heathrow airport due to snowfall, the airport now has 130 snow-clearing vehicles

The snow in London has compelled the Heathrow airport to annul 10% of its flights on Monday, a day after it trimmed its capacity by a fifth. The Heathrow airport has cautioned that the additional snow in Heathrow, expected in the coming days, could cause further postponements in the airport services. The snowy weather in Heathrow airport has led to the annulment of around 130 flights hitherto from Heathrow’s Monday schedule.

The decision to cancel these flights, most of which are operated by IAG’s British Airways, was taken to permit more space between aircraft because of low visibility. The Heathrow snowy weather had caused the cancellation of some 250 flights on Sunday, because of which the airport could function without glitches, as per the airport’s spokesman.

A spokesman of the Heathrow airport has proclaimed that numerous airports possess abundant spare runway capacity so that aircraft can be spaced out more during low visibility without generating flight deferments and cancellations. However, as per the spokesman, as Heathrow airport operates at almost complete capacity, there is no space to reschedule the postponed flights.

The Met Office’s London weather forecast for Monday and Tuesday envisages additional light snowfalls. Heathrow airport has used up 36 million pounds on modernizing its winter weather equipment since 2010. That was the year when the airport was disparaged intensely after it nearly shut down when snow pounded the airport just prior to Christmas. The Heathrow airport now possesses 130 snow-clearing vehicles to tackle the snow in Heathrow.

Central England’s East Midlands airport has expressed that its solitary runway would remain shut down until later on Monday. City Airport has restarted its one runway after shutting it down earlier on Monday morning due to London’s snowy weather.

The Gatwick airport has remarked that it was functioning normally on Monday but deferments and flight annulments were expected at Gatwick airport due to snow and on account of unfriendly snowiness across Europe. Smaller Stansted airport has uttered that it was operating conventionally but some Ryan air flights were expected to be cancelled during the day.

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