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Tesco horse meat burger row: Company issues apology via newspaper ad

Written on:January 17, 2024
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PM David Cameron has urged an investigation by the Food Standards Agency into the Tesco horse meat burger row

The Tesco horse meat burger row has led to the supermarket giant releasing a full-page advertisement in national UK newspapers, in which Tesco has expressed its apology for vending beef burgers, which were found to contain horse meat. The supermarket giant has remarked in the ad that it and its supplier had disappointed the customers, with the Tesco ad over the ‘horse meat burgers’ row promising that Tesco would unearth the truth regarding the incident.

Tesco’s ad over the horse meat beefburger controversy assured that Tesco would function harder than ever before with its suppliers to prevent a repetition of the horse meat burger row.

On Tuesday, it appeared that Irish food inspectors had detected almost 30% horse meat in one Tesco beefburger brand. Smaller horse meat traces were also found in beefburgers vended by Iceland, Lidl, Aldi and Dunnes. Officials have remarked that the contaminated ‘horse meat beefburgers’ presented no danger to human health and had been withdrawn from shelves. These Tesco horse meat beefburgers had been on sale in the UK and Ireland.

Tesco horse meat beefburger controversy has caused PM David Cameron to intervene, who voiced in Parliament that the Tesco horse meat burger row is a completely unacceptable state of affairs. David Cameron demanded an immediate inquest by Food Standards Agency.

Tesco horse meat burgers row caused Tesco share price to drop on Wednesday by 1%. Just a week back, Tesco chief executive, Philip Clarke, proclaimed that Tesco was back on form in Britain as it had reported its most robust growth in UK Christmas sales for three years.

Meanwhile, animal rights group, PETA, has reacted to the Tesco horse meat burger row with a statement, “While the thought of unexpectedly tucking into a horse burger shocked the nation, we ask that the public spare a thought for all the other animals slaughtered for their flesh. People, who say “neigh” to horsemeat, do so because they find ponies lovable, but lambs, pigs, chickens and others are killed for food without many people so much as batting an eyelid or considering their ordeal. If this story has shocked people, PETA suggests that they reject all meat of tortured animals. We stand ready to help.”

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