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Met Office issues ‘red’ warning for snow in Wales, ‘amber’ warning for England

Written on:January 18, 2024
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Met Office has forecast blizzards in Scotland of 3-6 hours, which will put nearly 8 inches of snow, with 50mph gales

The Met Office weather forecast for the UK has released an uncommon ‘red warning’ for snow in some areas of Wales, which signifies that the snow-related weather in Wales could cause severe disruption of normal life. The Met Office has placed an ‘amber warning’ for Northern Ireland and much of England, with the Scotland weather forecast also indicating the likelihood of heavy snowiness.

The Met Office weather forecast for Wales, involving a red warning, means that all unimportant travel must be shunned. This Wales Met Office forecast applies to the southeastern portion of the Brecon Beacons and the Black Mountains and is applicable until 21:00 GMT on Friday. The ‘red warning’ Welsh zones could experience up to 30 cm of snow and blizzards. The snowiness of the weather in Wales has caused the shutting down of a portion of the M4.

The snowy weather in Cardiff and similar weather in Bristol has led to the closures of their airports. The Southampton airport has also been closed. Extensive school closures in England have occurred due to the snow, with over 400 Hampshire school closures and Isle of Wight school closures. There have been 300 Norfolk school closures while 130 schools are shut down across the West Midlands.

London is likely to undergo snow-related disruption during the morning rush hour, with Tube service plans in place as a contingency measure. Much of England and Wales would undergo between 5cm and 15cm of snow on Friday, whereas Northern Ireland could witness up to 20cm of snow by Saturday morning. This has been roughly the estimates of various unofficial weather forecasters in the UK. The UK snow is likely to diminish towards the closure of Friday, although it is expected to stay put strongly in the eastern zones.

The Met Office Scotland weather forecast says that blizzards, lasting three-six hours, will deposit up to 8 inches of snow, with 6ft drifts whipped up by 50mph storms.

The BBC snow weather forecast says that it is likely to be extremely cold over the weekend, with the snowiness expected to be restricted to Scotland, northeastern England and Northern Ireland on Saturday.

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