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Theresa May’s Women’s Day video urges strong criticism of anti-women abuse

Written on:March 8, 2024
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Theresa May has said the Coalition can only try to kill the menace of violence against women in a legislative way

Home Secretary Theresa May, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, has requested the population to express their opposition to domestic violence against females. As per the Home Secretary, the Coalition’s parliamentary moves to thwart domestic violence and abuse of females can only do so much. Theresa May’s advice to the population on International Women’s Day has come in a video. The Home Secretary’s Women’s Day comments have emerged as statistics from the charity, Citizens Advice, indicate that domestic violence cases are disconcertingly common in the UK.

The charity has remarked that it obtained reports of attacks from 13500 persons in 2012, 80% of which emanated from females. Theresa May’s International Women’s Day video says that, as the day commemorates the accomplishments of international females, one must also mull over the difficulties encountered by innumerable British and global women such as domestic violence and abuse outside the house.

Theresa May’s Women’s Day video advises that unhealthy attitudes towards females have to change to eliminate the problem of domestic violence and abuse against womankind. The Coalition can only combat this menace legislatively but popular attitudinal change in this regard can kill this menace considerably.

Meanwhile, the International Women’s Day is being utilised by anti-austerity activists to show that governmental spending cuts are unfairly impacting women. An anti-austerity demonstration has been convened by Reclaim It, a confederation of feminists and campaigners from UK Uncut, Occupy and Disabled People against Cuts. Reclaim It has been specifically constituted to take direct action on International Women’s Day.

The fight for gender equality has entered the online world, with young feminists establishing the Twitter Youth Feminist Army to promote the cause of gender fairness via social media. Also, Google Doodle has celebrated International Women’s Day on Friday.

On this day, numerous events are organised globally to inspire womankind and to honour their achievements in different spheres of life.

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