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David Beckham tops world’s richest footballers list with £175m fortune

Written on:March 11, 2024
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David Beckham’s fortune reflects his continued appeal

David Beckham has been named as the world’s richest footballer having amassed personal wealth of £175m on the Goal Rich List 2013 and hence it isn’t hard to believe when the 37-year-old footballer, who recently signed for Paris Saint-Germain, felt he could afford to donate his salary to a local children’s charity. Lionel Messi, the 25-year-old Barcelona player, came second on the list of top 50 richest football players in the world, earning an estimated £100,000 a day. compiled the list using identifiable wealth including annual accounts submitted to Companies House, properties, salary details, bonuses and other business interests. The website estimates that David Beckham earned an estimated £15m from his off-field commercial interests in 2012, which has proved his most lucrative year yet.

The latest annual accounts submitted to Companies House for Beckham Ventures Ltd for the year up to 31 December 2011, reported ‘assets’ worth £4.7m. The company is shared between David Beckham, his wife Victoria, who is a successful fashion designer, and their manager Simon Fuller. Another company is Beckham Brand Ltd. and as of 31 December 2011, the company reported ‘assets’ worth £5.4m. Staying in the limelight is not new for the Beckham family, as his son Romeo Beckham created quite a stir a couple of months ago when he became Burberry’s youngest model at 10.

Fellow British players Wayne Rooney, ranks seventh with a £50m fortune, and his Manchester United team-mate Rio Ferdinand, bagged the 10th place with a wealth of £42m. The Premier League only represents two of the top 10 players, with Spain’s La Liga taking the lion’s share of top spots.

The top 10 earners on the Goal Rich List 2013 are:

1. David Beckham £175m

2. Lionel Messi £115.5m

3. Cristiano Ronaldo £112m

4. Kaka £66.5m

5. Ronaldinho £63m

6. Samuel Eto’o £52m

7. Wayne Rooney £50m

8. Zlatan Ibrahimovic £47m

9. Rivaldo £45.5m

10. Rio Ferdinand £42m

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