Tony Blair averts attempted citizen’s arrest in Hong Kong

Written on:June 15, 2023
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War crimes row going unabated against Tony Blair

“War criminal” Tony Blair fended off an “arrest” attempt made by an anti-war demonstrator in Hong Kong where the former prime minister is on a visit to represent the Tony Blair Faith Foundation.

Blair was in the beginning of his speech on ‘faith and globalisation’ at the University of Hong Kong when a 29-year-old man named Tom Grundy attempted a citizen’s arrest on the ex-Downing Street resident.

Shouting that Blair violated the Geneva Convention whilst he was at office during the Iraq War, Grundy approached the podium and tried to heckle the former Labour leader who quickly retorted, “I wouldn’t come any further… you can go… that’s democracy for you”, provoking laughter among the guests.

The man, who is from Britain and reportedly owns a travel portal called Global Citizen, was peacefully taken away by university staff. It is learned that Grundy has been in Hong Kong for seven years but details about his whereabouts are not yet fully known.

Grundy said he had registered online to attend the programme and was carrying notes about the legal particulars he needed to validate the attempted arrest.

“Mr Blair, under Hong Kong’s Power 101 law – the law which allows for citizen’s arrest here – I’ll be arresting you for crimes against peace”, he was heard reading out from the papers he was carrying with him. However, Blair was least perturbed by the incident and proceeded with his speech once the protester was escorted out of the auditorium.

Notably, an anti-war activist barged in at Leveson Inquiry a week ago, accusing Blair of receiving money from JP Morgan for the Iraq war.

Protester barges in Leveson inquiry, labels Tony Blair a ‘war criminal’
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  1. Mimbly says:

    Blair’s speech was about faith and globalisation. Many of us know he is pushing the NWO agenda and is a bilderberger

  2. Jaques, Hampshire says:

    This is poor journalistic approach because to call an ex-leader a war criminal (even within quotes) doesn’t hold a story in neutral spirit.

    • Mimbly says:

      They have to be neutral in their opinions but the fact that Bliar is a war criminal is a fact from what I can see. With all the evidence there is we don’t know why he isn’t behind bars. I have always thought the real criminals walk free because of money and power.
      The fact that a citizens arrest is legal but the courts dont actually do anything shows the corruption

  3. Alex Trump, New Jersey says:

    citizen’s arrest? Wow never heard of this term before. It should be made legal and inducted to the code of law under the United Nations. We will have a better world then.

  4. Medelin says:

    Mr Blair, Leveson inquiry has made you a better leader than what you were as prime minister!!

  5. Gregory, Derby, Great Britain says:

    I was watching the video that has gone viral by now and what I understood is that democracy has been replaced with an autocratic effort to choke people’s voices…

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