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Norovirus winter vomiting bug mars Oriana luxury cruise ship, 150 passengers ill

Written on:December 13, 2023
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ORIANA- Luxury cruise ship

Passengers aboard Oriana have said the crew and the captain have failed to sympathise with the victims

The ‘Norovirus’ winter vomiting bug has reportedly scarred the luxury cruise ship, Oriana, with at least 150 of the almost 2000 holidaymakers journeying on P&O’s Oriana falling ill because of the Norovirus. Passengers on board the luxury cruise ship have described Oriana as a ‘plague ship’ and ‘a nightmare,’ with one passenger accusing the crew members of neglecting the suffering of those passengers tormented by the Norovirus winter vomiting bug.

One passenger has penned his review of Oriana on a travel website under the user name, Gibbons, describing how corridors and lavatories on board the luxury cruise liner smelt strongly of sick. The passenger further reviewed that the Norovirus outbreak on Oriana has made him wish that he had never booked a seat in Oriana in the first place.

The media reports over the Norovirus outbreak in Oriana have suggested that there is a possibility of a riot on the luxury cruise ship because the captain and the crew of Oriana are allegedly refusing to heed the concerns of the passengers troubled by the winter vomiting bug.

Passengers are believed to have begun falling ill within a few hours of the Oriana luxury cruise liner setting sail for a tour of the Christmas markets of Zeebrugge, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Oslo and Hamburg on December 4. The ship is scheduled to dock at Southampton tomorrow.

Meanwhile, a spokeswoman for P&O’s parent company, Carnival, has asserted that there had been an instance of a mild gastrointestinal sickness among the passengers. The spokeswoman has declared that, as of 1843 passengers currently, the number of passengers with active symptoms of Norovirus winter vomiting bug is six.

The Carnival spokeswoman has also voiced that improved cleanliness protocols have been carried out to minimise the Norovirus transmission to other passengers. These comprehensive disinfection procedures have been created by P&O Cruises in collaboration with US and UK public health authorities.

As per the spokeswoman, Oriana’s passengers had been provided with a precautionary health notice warning of broad Norovirus activity and the measures to adopt to avoid spread of the bug while ashore/aboard.

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