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‘Savile’ jumpsuit by Sacha Baron Cohen at Comedy Awards evokes controversy

Written on:December 13, 2023
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Sacha Baron Cohen appears in a ‘Savile’ emblazoned jumpsuit at Comedy Awards 2012

Jimmy Savile was the subject of mockery at the British Comedy Awards 2012 last night as Sacha Baron Cohen alias Ali G turned up in an outrageous gold jumpsuit which had ‘Savile’ written on back of it, evoking another unapologetic controversy while he said that the suit had come from a second hand shop, and added, “I ain’t ever heard of this label.”

Opinions were divided on Ali G’s decision to turn up in the garish outfit and pose as the alleged sex offender Jimmy Savile. While Sacha Baron Cohen fans lauded him for his daring decision to turn up in the costume, others felt that he had crossed a line and found his joke insensitive and offensive.

Sacha Baron Cohen turned up on stage when he was presented with the Outstanding Achievement Award which was being telecast Live on Channel 4. Sacha Baron Cohen’s jokes did not stop with his ‘Jimmy Savile’ appearance. He went on to make a series of other offensive jokes, including one about Kate Middleton’s pregnancy.

Jimmy Savile, who died last year aged 84, is now accused of being one of the most prolific sex attackers and paedophiles in modern history. Detectives disclosed yesterday that the toll of Jimmy Savile’s victims has crossed 500.

Detectives said that of the 589 complainants, majority were young girls at the times of the alleged attacks, and had initiated to contact police owing to a wider inquiry into sexual attacks carried out by Jimmy Savile and others.

Scotland Yard has made six arrests so far and questioned a seventh person in connection with the Jimmy Savile scandal. The complaints were triggered by an ITV documentary which allegedly exposed Jimmy Savile’s vile pursuits. So far, the police have interviewed PR consultant Max Clifford, comedian Freddie Starr, DJ Dave Lee Travis and paedophile Gary Glitter, who have denied all accusations.

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