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Andrew Mitchell’s apology over police row doesn’t end ‘plebs’ controversy

Written on:September 24, 2023
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Andrew Mitchell’s alleged use of the word ‘plebs’ has raised class divisions in modern UK

Chief whip, Andrew Mitchell, entangled in an unseemly row with the police due to his reported offensive outburst at a police officer, has obtained the endorsement of PM David Cameron, who has voiced that Mitchell had perpetrated the appropriate act by demonstrating his remorse for his outburst.

The former Secretary of State for International Development has asserted to the news media that he is apologetic for not displaying sufficient respect to the police officer concerned. But he maintained he didn’t employ the derogatory term that was ‘attributed to him.’ His reported offensive outburst at the police officer occurred on Wednesday.

Andrew Mitchell has stated his desire of burying this unbecoming row, but the Police Federation and Labourites desire an inquest into Mitchell’s offensive eruption in front of the police.

It may be noted that Mitchell, when directed on Wednesday by the police away from the chief gate to a smaller pedestrian gate, supposedly swore at a police officer and told the officer that he didn’t administer the UK. Mitchell reportedly implied the officer should know his status.

Also, the Sun has reported Mitchell had employed the word ‘plebs’ while swearing. Mitchell unconvincingly denied utilising the word, which has pejorative connotations going back to British historical eras, when class divisions formed an integral part of the British society. ‘Pleb’ means a commoner, who is unintelligent/lowbrow/philistine.

The Sun has, nonetheless, maintained the police report of this jarring incident does contain the word ‘plebs.’

Metropolitan Police Federation’s Chairman, John Tully, has labelled the apology as inadequate. An inquest was essential to reach the truth over ‘plebs’ as Mitchell was casting aspersions on the concerned police officer’s honesty, which was intolerable.

Deputy PM Nick Clegg has uttered Mitchell ought to provide a complete account of the incident, which he hasn’t done so far. He said that demonstration of indecorous behaviour to police officers is unacceptable.

The ‘plebs’ controversy has reminded the public of unwholesome class divisions that existed in the UK historically.

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