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Andrew Mitchell may have been trapped over pleb row, says ex-Labour MP

Written on:December 20, 2023
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Andrew Mitchell, at the heart of the pleb row, has found support from ex-Labour MP Chris Mullin

Andrew Mitchell, ex-chief whip of the Coalition, could have been framed over the pleb row, as per former Labour MP Chris Mullin, who remarked on Wednesday night that rank and file police officers shouldn’t be permitted to reshuffle the government.

Chris Mullin, a Minister in ex-PM Tony Blair’s government, proclaimed this apprehension of his on BBC Radio 4’s PM programme. Mullin voiced that he knew Andrew Mitchell for some years and didn’t believe that Mitchell employed most of the offensive words attributed to him. The ex-MP for Sunderland South expressed regret over the Andrew Mitchell pleb row as Mullin deemed that Mitchell was an excellent Minister.

The observations of Chris Mullin on the Andrew Mitchell pleb row have placed the attention on the role enacted by the Police Federation of England and Wales in the weeks subsequent to Andrew Mitchell using bad language for police officers at Downing Street in September.

Chris Mullin has expressed suspicions over the manner in which the Police Federation had taken up the Andrew Mitchell pleb row. In accordance with the ex-Sunderland South MP, it was no longer a dispute between the policeman on duty and Andrew Mitchell attempting to wheel his bicycle out of 10 Downing Street.

The author of the novel, A Very British Coup, has proclaimed that, somehow, the Police Federation converted the Andrew Mitchell pleb row into a national matter. It isn’t in public wellbeing that the Police Federation be allowed to pressurize changes in the Cabinet. Andrew Mitchell wouldn’t have employed the word ‘plebs’ for the police officers, believed Chris Mullin.

Members of the Police Federation were vociferous in the weeks after the Andrew Mitchell pleb row broke out, with some of them besieging Andrew Mitchell’s constituency office in the West Midlands, sporting T-shirts embroidered with the phrase, ‘PC Pleb and Proud.’ Federation representatives have voiced that Andrew Mitchell had to quit from his post of chief whip as he resisted giving exact details of his Downing Street tirade.

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