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Andrew Mitchell plebs row: Police Federation regrets constable’s arrest

Written on:December 17, 2023
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The plebs row had compelled Andrew Mitchell to resign from the post of Conservative chief whip

Scotland Yard has arrested a constable from the diplomatic protection unit, SO6, over the supposed leaking of data to the press about the Andrew Mitchell plebs row. The Police Federation has responded to the officer’s arrest by proclaiming its great regret. News of the arrest emerged as Andrew Mitchell, the ex-Conservative chief whip, remarked that the contents of the alleged police logbook, regarding the Downing Street ‘plebs’ incident, were incorrect.

The arrested constable is associated with the specialist Metropolitan police unit, which safeguards embassies as well as members of the government. He was bailed on Sunday after his arrest the day before and has been suspended from duty.

The Met proclaimed in a statement on Sunday night that its directorate of professional standards had arrested the constable on the suspicion of perpetrating professional misdeeds in a public office. The force had obtained new data on Thursday regarding the alleged unpermitted divulgement of information pertaining to the Andrew Mitchell plebs row.

In accordance with Scotland Yard sources on Monday, there was no suggestion that any payment to the constable had been involved in the alleged disclosure of information. The Met, nonetheless, refused to reveal where the fresh data, which led to the constable’s arrest on Saturday, had come from.

Chairman of the Met Police Federation, John Tully, has pledged to support the arrested constable through any of the difficulties he faces on being questioned by Scotland Yard. It is of immense regret that Scotland Yard had taken action against an officer over plebgate, voiced John Tully. He hoped that justness would eventually prevail over the Andrew Mitchell plebs row.

The Andrew Mitchell plebs row occurred in September after the police at Downing Street desisted from opening the main gates to permit Andrew Mitchell to take his bicycle through. The police refusal compelled Mitchell to utilise the side gate. A heated argument ensued, in which the police alleges that Andrew Mitchell employed abusive language and the word ‘pleb.’ Mitchell, however, has repudiated the allegation that he used the term ‘pleb’, reemphasising this on ITV News on Monday.

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