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David Cameron’s gay marriage policy castigated by Tory MP David Davies

Written on:December 10, 2023
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Boris Johnson and Michael Gove have expressed backing for the Coalition’s gay marriage policy

David Cameron’s plan to permit gay marriages in England and Wales has been labelled as ‘barking mad’ politically by Monmouth Conservative MP, David Davies. As per the Monmouth MP, the Conservative Party risked losing a vast number of faithful activists if it progressed with its plan to allow gay marriages in England and Wales.

David Cameron has desired to give the Coalition’s approval to the churches in England and Wales to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies. The Ministers of the Coalition will present their reaction this week to the gay marriage plan and MPs will be allowed to vote freely on the gay marriage plan of the Coalition.

David Cameron’s gay marriage policy has dissatisfied several Conservative MPs, with nearly 130 of them reported to be disgruntled because of the gay marriage initiative of the Coalition.

The Conservative-Liberal Democrat government has expressed that it is content to permit religious buildings or institutions like churches to host same-sex marriages in case those institutions desire to host such marriages. But no force would be involved.

Senior Conservatives like Education Secretary Michael Gove and London Mayor Boris Johnson have signed a letter to the Sunday Telegraph backing the Coalition’s gay marriage move.

David Davies has also remarked that he would be happy to endorse changes in same-sex civic ceremonies to instill equality in these ceremonies. But the Monmouth MP expressed resistance to church gay marriage ceremonies.

Meanwhile, Roman Catholic Bishop of Motherwell, Joseph Devine, has accused David Cameron in a letter of being bereft of moral competence and likened him to Nero, the ex-Roman Emperor of the 1st century, who reportedly burnt Christians. As per the Bishop, David Cameron was out of his depth, procrastinating and ambiguous about being a disciple of David or Nero.

There was indecent hurry in David Cameron’s plan to legalise gay marriage, thundered the Bishop. Cameron was accused of hypocrisy by the Bishop, who alleged the PM claimed to be an advocate of Christian principles while undercutting family life and liberty of conscience. Cameron would soon illegalise the teaching of Christian sexual morality on the grounds of discrimination.

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  1. Marion says:

    Cameron’s gay marriage legalisation idea is going to create divisions within the Tory camp…

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