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Labour Conference: Ed Balls lambasts UK government’s economic plan

Written on:October 1, 2023
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Ed Balls’ speech at the Labour Conference indicates his strong position in the Labour hierarchy

Ed Balls, the Shadow Chancellor, has castigated strongly PM David Cameron and his Chancellor, George Osborne, who have been held liable by Balls for the UK’s descent into ‘double dip’ recession. The crucial Labour leader has blamed the Conservative-Lib Dem Coalition for not possessing a ‘credible’ agenda to enliven the UK economy.

Balls delivered these observations at the Labour Party Conference in Manchester, where he also voiced that the Labour Party would not vow to do acts if it could not honour such vows after entering government. The powerful Labourite was jibing at Nick Clegg through this comment as the recent Nick Clegg apology, over the Lib Dems’ broken pledge to block a jump in university tuition fees, had placed Clegg in a discomforting public position.

Ed Balls had sprinkled plentiful political jokes in his speech at the Labour Conference, with Balls at one moment satirically referring to David Cameron as Butch Cameron and to George Osborne as Flat-line kid.

Another sarcastically humorous comment of Balls was his reference to the Deputy PM Nick Clegg as a ‘same old Tory.’ This statement of Balls is likely to be deemed unpalatable by genuine Lib Dem supporters. Such a description of Clegg, done ‘humorously’ by Balls, comes at a time when certain Lib Dem politicians are genuinely ‘considering’ constructing a coalition with Labour.

Balls also opined at the Labour Party Conference on an assortment of issues like policing, youth joblessness, National Health Service, female rights, etc. He remarked the economic recovery agenda of Clegg, Cameron and Osborne, consisting of substantial spending reductions and rapider tax hikes, has created only the dissolution of millions of businesses, high joblessness, double-dip recession, monetary wastage on a rising benefits bill and increasing borrowing.

Meanwhile, Ed Balls was grilled at the TUC Conference in Brighton by public sector unions, who desired to know the reason behind his backing for the Tory public sector pay freeze.

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