Ed Miliband backs ‘Made in Britain’ marque

Written on:March 6, 2024
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Ed Miliband is all set to insert more patriotism into British economic policies by calling for a ‘Made in Britain’ mark on goods produced in the UK.

The Labour leader Ed Miliband in a speech at EEF National Manufacturing Conference in London will be accusing government for underestimating the need of “pride and patriotism”, saying it is the key to success for British business.

Revising memories of Harold Wilson’s “I’m Backing Britain” campaign, Miliband will say, “This is not about a backward looking Buy British campaign. This is not about making consumers feel bad if they don’t buy products from British business, it’s about something else.”

He will explain at EEF that if we don’t know what design is invented or made here, how we will recognise our strength in manufacturing. Suggesting measures for rebalancing the economy over the next few years, Miliband is expected to ask for 1% reduction in the employer national insurance contribution rate for firms hiring 18 to 24-year-olds.

Supporting an initiative by Stoves, kitchen appliance firm, for a new Made in Britain mark, Miliband will say, “There are three words we do not hear enough. Those three words are ‘Made in Britain.”

The Labour leader will insist government to stop feeling embarrassed about the need for more patriotism in economic policy, saying using all means to give British firms every chance to succeed is patriotic to.

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