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Ed Miliband rebukes David Cameron for ‘no-change’ portfolio reshuffle

Written on:September 6, 2023
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Ed Miliband admonishes David Cameron’s administration for not reviving UK’s economy

Ed Miliband, the oppositional Labor Party’s chief, has slammed the portfolio reshuffle, executed by PM David Cameron. Miliband considered in the House of Commons Wednesday that the reshuffled Cabinet hasn’t resulted in any meaningful change as the reshuffle puts in place same old politicians with same old agenda. Miliband disagreed with Cameron’s agenda of the previous two years.

Miliband voiced at the PM’s Questions on Wednesday that the Cameron administration’s economic initiatives had failed noticeably. Miliband talked forcefully about the British state of economy and portfolio alterations, which he deemed were failures of Cameron.

Labor Party’s chief disparaged the grant of Health Secretaryship to Jeremy Hunt. Kenneth Clarke, who has been awarded Ministership without Portfolio, was taken to task by Miliband. He mentioned that the retention of the Treasury by George Osbourne would ensure that UK has two part-time Chancellors. Labor’s chief was alluding to reports of Clarke being granted this portfolio to contract Osbourne’s powers.

Miliband lambasted the Cameron government’s initiatives to extract Britain from the recessionary pit. He remarked that the UK government’s endeavours to strengthen infrastructural investment, to construct residences and roads had not occurred on the ground in a tangible way.

Labor’s young leader expressed that Cameron’s basic economic philosophy is incorrect. Cameron’s Plan A has boomeranged severely as the UK economy has not strengthened since 2010. Miliband characterised the jeering of senior UK Cabinet ministers at London’s Paralympics as the disenchantment of UK’s general public with Cameron’s government.

Cameron, understandably, defended the Lib Dem-Conservative Coalition as unified and steady. Cameron deemed that the portfolio reshuffle’s purpose was to make every governmental department concentrate on bolstering economic potency.

Meanwhile, Miliband has voice to the New Statesman magazine that he acknowledges that the UK government will now have to function in a restricted monetary climate. He has admitted that Labour cannot enter the 2015 UK election by promising the Britons a return of massive public spending and redistribution of the Gordon Brown age.

Future Labor administrations will have to ensure ‘predistribution’ by paying adequately to the disadvantaged groups for their toil. Brown’s ‘tax credit’ scheme is unfeasible now.

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