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French Alps murders: Miraculous escape for four-year-old girl

Written on:September 6, 2023
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Male cyclist, who discovered bodies of family, was also gunned down

Staying stationary for eight hours helped a four-year-old girl escape death miraculously as she got “sandwiched” between the bodies of her family members who were shot dead while travelling in a car in the Haute-Savoie region in French Alps.

Police discovered the survivor among the dead bodies of a man and two women who were travelling alongside the girl in the car. A seven-year-old girl was also found in critical condition lying on the road near the BMW, in which the family had been travelling. The girl was found in a pathetic condition with multiple bullet wounds and police suspect that she had been shot at least thrice.

A male cyclist, who had, in all probability arrived at the scene at the time of crime, was also killed. His body was also found nearby with gunshot wounds.

French police found a cartridge of bullets drilled into the car that was parked on the outskirts of a forest near Lake Annecy, which is a popular tourist location. Apart from the shell casings, no weapons were found near the BMW.

The BMW had British registration from which the family travelling in the car is suspected to be British. The British Foreign Office is making inquiries to nail the deceased members’ identities.

The police suspect that there could be more than one gunman. 60 French policemen are on the job to nab the criminals and the nearby areas have been sealed off as investigation continues into the horrific crime.

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