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Tory Councillor John Cherry resigns over ‘racist’ remarks on Pakistani teens

Written on:April 22, 2023
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Shadow Education Secretary Stephen Twigg has said that John Cherry’s comments reflect Tories as a nasty party (Image courtesy: Nick Roxburgh)

The ‘racist’ observations of the Chichester Conservative councillor, John Cherry, have led to his resignation from the Conservative Party, with an unreserved apology being issued by him. The Tory councillor’s ‘racist’ comments consisted of utterances about the capabilities of the immigrant schoolchildren, with the Tory councillor having asserted that Pakistani schoolchildren would not be able to ascend to the top. The ‘racist’ Conservative councillor had issued these remarks in reaction to proposals by Durand Academy to inaugurate an Eton-style boarding school in the West Sussex countryside.

The ‘racist’ Chichester councillor had cautioned that the immigrant children would desire to escape into the forests of West Sussex, where the atmosphere will resemble a sexual volcano. The other ‘racist’ remark of John Cherry was his claim that some nationalities were unconscious of the concept of hard work.

John Cherry’s ‘racist’ comments, nonetheless, led to a volley of disparagement for him. The John Cherry apology consisted of him saying that his remarks about the Durand Academy were plainly incorrect. The Chichester councillor characterised his observations as thoughtless and highly foolish. John Cherry laments the distress that those comments must have caused to some people.

The Conservative Party had already initiated procedural action to suspend John Cherry prior to the councillor announcing his resignation. Labour educational spokesman, Stephen Twigg, has demanded that PM David Cameron denounce John Cherry’s racist comments, expressing that such comments strengthen the idea that the Tory Party is the nasty party.

The state-owned Durand Academy, located in Stockwell in South London, intends to inaugurate an Eton-style boarding school in a rich bucolic zone of West Sussex. The Durand Academy hopes to transport 600 teenagers from Stockwell to West Sussex every Monday morning for tutoring. The teens will be brought back on Friday evening to their homes free of cost to enable them to experience an Eton-style atmosphere away from bellicose criminality in their local zones. John Cherry had voiced that 97% of the teens in the West Sussex boarding school would be Black or Asian. As per the Chichester Conservative councillor, the Indian and Chinese teens would succeed.

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