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Lufthansa begins helpline for Monday strike, railways called to rescue

Written on:April 22, 2023
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Lufthansa’s more than 1600 flights couldn’t take-off on Monday

Europe’s largest and world’s fourth largest air carrier Lufthansa was majorly hit due to the contention between trade unions and Lufthansa management on wage negotiations resulting in disruption of flights from the former. This has hit more than 1650 flights’ functioning including the 50 international intercontinental flights. Only six of which will take off from Frankfurt am Main airport on Monday. Thousands of passengers are left stranded at several airports across Europe.

The trade union strike majorly hit airports across Germany and London. Largely hit airports include, Frankfurt am Main, which is also the known as the Lufthansa hub along with Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart, Hannover, Dusseldorf and Cologne-Bonn. The Lufthansa staff announced their strike early morning on Monday and stated that the disruption will prolong the whole day. The strike and flight cancellations come a month after a similar episode, in which Lufthansa was forced to cancel 700 of nearly 1,800 flights due to labor disputes.

It is also being said that the strike has come after the failure of three rounds of talks between trade unions and the company’s management. However, Lufthansa has asked the passengers to visit the website to check the current status of their flights. The airline has also come up with a toll free helpline 08008506070.

Lufthansa has said that the passengers whose flights have been called-off for Monday can re-book their trips for free. A cooperation deal has also been signed for flights cancellations or missed connecting flights with Germany’s railways system, Deutsche Bahn. Passengers can use their flight tickets as travel vouchers in the trains. The airline is expected to suffer a massive loss following the workers’ strike.

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