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Liam Fox warns Coalition’s gay marriage plans to have divisive outcomes

Written on:January 11, 2024
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Liam Fox has said the Coalition’s gay marriage plan could partition the Christian sects of Britain

The Coalition’s plan to legislate for gay marriages has been attacked by ex-Defence Secretary, Liam Fox, who has assessed the Coalition’s gay marriage policy as constitutionally wrong, divisive and ill thought through. Liam Fox has penned a letter to his constituents, in which he has remarked that there didn’t seem to be much demand for the change, implying the Coalition’s gay marriage plan. Nonetheless, Liam Fox has remarked that same-sex relationships should be looked at with tolerance and respect.

The Coalition, in its defence of the gay marriage plan, has voiced that the measure would strengthen the vital institution of marriage. Liam Fox has, however, asserted in his letter that the gay marriage legislation was made on the hoof to tackle the political problem du jour. Liam Fox has denounced the gay marriage move as a form of social engineering, of which the Conservatives should be instinctively wary.

Liam Fox’s letter, regarding the Coalition’s gay marriage legislation, has also uttered that the gay marriage plan would position the Church of England in an anomalous and absurd position by prohibiting it from implementing same-sex marriages. The former Conservative Defence Secretary inscribed that, if the Church of England has been exempted from performing gay marriage ceremonies because of its objection to the concept, then the Catholic Church should be also be exempted from administering same-sex marriages as the Catholic Church has been even more crystal-clear in its opposition to same-sex marriages.

Liam Fox’s letter, concerning the Coalition’s gay marriage plans, elaborates that the notion of making certain practices unlawful for one Christian Church, but not others, risks further enfeebling and splitting British Christianity at a time when many Christians feel that they are in peril on secular, political and cultural fronts. An inability to comprehend this is to risk an insult to a massive, stabilising and normally compliant Christian community, which will sow wholly unnecessary seeds of social dissent.

Culture Secretary, Maria Miller, had advocated in December that the gay marriage proposals would safeguard significant religious freedoms while providing same-sex couples with the same freedom to wed as heterosexual couples.

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