PM warns against nuke missile attack from Iran

Written on:March 7, 2024
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Prime Minister David Cameron said Iran is developing a long-range nuclear missile capable of hitting Great Britain, expressing serious concern over the possibility of a nuclear arms race.

Speaking to the members of the parliament yesterday, the Prime Minister said he has intelligence reports indicating that Tehran wants “intercontinental missile capability”, strongly warning that Iran becoming a nuclear power has implications far wider than the Middle-East.

“It is clearly very dangerous for the region, because it would trigger a nuclear arms race. But also it’s more broadly a danger”, Cameron noted, somewhat agreeing with his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu that use of force against Iran is not entirely ruled out should his own country come under threat.

“Nothing is off the table. If sanctions don’t work there will come a moment for a very difficult decision”, the Prime Minister asserted, disclosing that MI6 boss Sir John Sawers and National Security Adviser Sir Kim Darroch cautioned him that the 2,740-mile distance between London and Tehran is well within the strike range of a long-range ballistic missile.

It may be noted that the United States has already imposed trade embargo on the Islamic country to cut the funding for its nuclear programme. President Barack Obama hasn’t yet said no to the likelihood of a preemptive strike against Iran to deter it from acquiring a nuclear bomb.

Meanwhile, the all five NPT states along with Germany gave their consent yesterday to an Iranian offer of resumption of talks after 14 months of stalemate.

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