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Labour Conference: Yvette Cooper guarantees robust police reforms under Labour

Written on:October 3, 2023
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Yvette Cooper has criticised the Tories for pushing to privatise the police

Yvette Cooper, the Shadow Home Secretary, has assured the UK public at the Labour Conference in Manchester that her party would abrogate the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) and substitute it with a stricter and more potent Police Standards Authority (PSA) as public faith in the police needed to be restored.

The Shadow Home Secretary has asserted that the necessity for police reform had been made evident by the high-profile police failures connected to the Hillsborough tragedy coverup and the lengthy time consumed to unearth the truth about the demise of Ian Tomlinson during the G20 protests. The wife of Ed Balls also referred to the postponements in instituting new investigations into the phone hacking scandal and undercover policing.

The Yvette Cooper speech mentioned the IPCC hasn’t addressed convincingly the aforementioned cases. IPCC’s new chairperson, Anne Owers, had already expressed reservations over the IPCC’s paucity of powers.

Yvette Cooper has stated at the Manchester Labour Conference that the PSA was required desperately to ensure that segregated unpleasant incidents didn’t tarnish the entire police force’s reputation.

The PSA move, which even senior police officers reportedly back, will result in the PSA having more authority to compel eyewitnesses, initiate investigations, organise public hearings and inflict sanctions.

The Labour politician speechified the resolution of complaints against police takes inordinate time under the current framework.

The PSA, whose details are likely to be divulged next spring by an independent authority, is expected to ensure quicker resolution of grievances, easier access and improved support for complainants as well as a better capacity to handle organisational/individual policing failures.

Yvette Cooper speech involved her criticism of the Conservatives, who were, as per her, hurrying to privatise the police. She guaranteed that private companies’ role in policing would be curbed by Labour, which would back public-private collaborations in policing. She also demanded stricter action to counter unlawful immigration. Extradition of criminals escaping the UK should be easier.

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