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Counter petition on Piers Morgan deportation filed on White House website

Written on:December 27, 2023
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Neither country wants him…counter petition filed on Piers Morgan deportation

A counter-petition has been launched on the White House website to prevent Piers Morgan’s deportation to the UK, after the CNN TV host expressed his strong views on US gun control laws, in the aftermath of the Connecticut elementary school shooting, where 26 people were killed among which 20 were children.

The counter-petition on the White House website stated that Pier Morgan’s deportation be withdrawn, so that he could stay back in the US, as he has a constitutional right of freedom of speech but also because ‘no one in the UK wants him back.’

The ‘Keep Piers Morgan in the USA’ petition has been signed by just 400 people so far, which is way below the 25,000 signature-mark, which would guarantee a response from the US government. The petition to let USA have Piers Morgan was proposed by Janusz Jasinski, a web designer based in Birmingham. The White House website also has a third petition to add to Piers Morgan’s embarrassment calling on Theresa May to prevent his deportation to Britain.

Last week, Piers Morgan repeatedly attacked the pro-gun campaigners in the US on his CNN show, where he got into a heated argument with Larry Pratt, of Gun Owners for America. Piers Morgan called Larry Pratt an ‘idiot’, ‘dangerous’, and an ‘unbelievably stupid man’, after Larry Pratt said that more guns would reduce crime.

Another debate on gun controls last week which led to people calling for Piers Morgan’s deportation, the CNN-host attacked economist John Lott, the author of ‘More Guns, Less Crime’, labelling him a ‘liar’, when Lott claimed that data on British gun crime supported his thesis.

Despite the furore he created in the past week with his controversial statements, Piers Morgan remained unperturbed with the happenings, standing by what he said, and insisting that banning assault weapons and high-capacity gun-magazines is a matter of simple common sense and not an attack on the US constitution.

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