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Jimmy Savile headstone at Scarborough cemetery knocked down

Written on:October 10, 2023
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Jimmy Savile’s identity has been sullied after his death by these sexual abuse allegations

The allegations of sexual abuse levelled against Jimmy Savile have scarred his reputation and have now led to his headstone being removed from a Scarborough cemetery.

Jimmy Savile’s family has stated that it is dismembering the triple headstone memorial, in his honour, as a mark of respect for public opinion. Jimmy Savile’s family, through its spokesman, has voiced that the gravestone remaining there could have had an unsightly impact on the purity and respectability of the cemetery. Hence, it was dismantled.

British public opinion has been outraged after a Jimmy Savile ITV documentary ‘exposed’ hordes of females, who had been allegedly abused sexually over the years by Jimmy Savile, the former BBC radio host and presenter. That Jimmy Savile documentary has led to the probability of him being deprived of his knighthood.

Scotland Yard is working on 120 separate lines of inquiry and believes that there could be 30 victims of the sexual abuse perpetrated by Jimmy Savile.

The dismantled tombstone bears the caption, “It was good while it lasted.” The former BBC radio host, who has been disgraced after his life due to these sleazy allegations, had a lengthy connection to Scarborough and was interred there in 2011 following his demise at the age of 84.

Jimmy Savile, the presenter of Top of the Pops and Jim’ll Fix It, was interred in Scarborough at the Woodlands Cemetery in a golden coffin at a 45-degree angle, which was looking at the sea. This arrangement was based on the request of Savile during his life.

Also, Leeds City Council has removed Savile’s name from a plaque on a wall at the city’s Civil Hall, which celebrates famous citizens.

A few days back, a walkway signpost in Scarborough, which honoured Jimmy Savile, was knocked over by the Scarborough Borough Council (SBC). A plaque, outside his Scarborough flat, was also knocked down last week, subsequent to the words ‘rapist’ and ‘paedophile’ being inscribed on the plaque.

If these allegations are true, this news of Jimmy Savile is a terrible reminder of the frailties that can exist even in highly revered human beings.

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  1. Jacqueline says:

    Isn’t this inevitable?…. Of course, it is… these allegations leave a bad taste in your mouth…..It makes you wonder about the depravity in the mass media….

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