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Naked Prince Harry pictures embarrass royal family

Written on:August 23, 2023
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Royal family embarrassed by Prince Harry’s latest blunder

Two days after naked pictures of Prince Harry were published on a celebrity gossip website TMZ, St James Palace made an appeal to the British media to respect the privacy of the royal family, and not publish the embarrassing photos as they were taken during a private moment while Prince Harry was on holiday.

The scandalous pictures, which showed a naked Prince Harry with an unidentified naked woman in compromising postures, were allegedly taken while Prince Harry was partying in a Las Vegas hotel Suite, during an extended weekend holiday.

The Prince of Wales, who is due to embark on the next phase of his military career, is unlikely to face any serious consequences for the act. Only Harry’s commanding officer has the authority to take any action against him, if any.

Although the images that were published on the website were blurred, having already gone viral, the incident has caused enough embarrassment to the royal family.

TMZ posted on its site that the pictures were taken last Friday when the Prince and his companions met some women in a hotel bar and invited them to the royal suite. The group is said to played a stripping game when the picture is said to have been taken on a camera phone.

The first picture shows a naked Prince Harry wearing just a necklace and a wristband with his hands around his genitals as a topless woman stands close behind him. In another image, the Prince is seen shielding himself behind an unknown woman who is also naked, with his bare bottom facing the camera.

The pictures are the latest blooper by the prince, whose past follies include smoking cannabis as a teenager and scuffling outside a nightclub with a photographer.

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