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Latest boxing news, Ricky Hatton eyes title fight comeback

Written on:August 23, 2023
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Former welterweight champion Ricky Hatton is edging closer to a remarkable, but unnecessary boxing comeback, according to his promotion company, which believes he may be back in the ring as soon as Novemeber.

Hatton’s crew have wangled bookings for Manchester’s MEN Arena for dates in November and January against a ‘buffer’, and then if he comes out with an impressive victory he could move to negotiate a rematch with Paulie Malignaggi, who now holds a world welterweight title.

The 33-year-old former two-weight world champion from Manchester announced his retirement last summer and battled with a cocaine addiction, leading into depression.

Fortunately, Hatton has since learned from his errors and has seen success with a boxing training and promotion setup, but insiders say that he continues to long for one last shot at a title.

‘I’m hearing that Ricky Hatton is interested in a comeback and I’m hearing rumours that I’m the target of that comeback,’ Malignaggi said last month. ‘I’ve had three rematches in my career and I’m 3-0 in those rematches.

‘The rematch is something that interests me. I have nothing but respect for Ricky, his fans and his family… ‘I know that he wants to come back and win a title to reclaim old glory but it’s my time now and I know I can beat Ricky Hatton.’

Hatton has transformed his life since losing in Las Vegas three years back, now staying clear of alcohol and cocaine, but while he wants to erase the memory of a second-round knockout by Manny Paquico, demanding a comeback may not be the wisest choice for a fighter past his prime.

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