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April Jones news: Police scour through abandoned slate mines and caves

Written on:October 10, 2023
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100 police officers scour through river Dyfi to find April Jones

Latest on April Jones news is that the Dyfed Powys police is carrying out intensive search in Machynlleth, excavating abandoned slate mines and caves near the home of the missing five-year-old, after having said yesterday that April may not be found.

The area to the north of Machynlleth in the foothills of Snowdonia National Park is ridden with abandoned slate mines and caves. The police will scour deep, dank potholes which riddle the Welsh countryside to find the missing April. Mountain rescue teams have already carried out an extensive search across miles of abandoned mineshafts near April Jones’ home town of Machynlleth.

Rescue teams using specialist equipment are searching for April Jones who went missing on October 1, when she was allegedly abducted in a van that April had “willingly got into” according to April’s playmates.

At least 100 officers from 18 specialist units were searching the river Dyfi again yesterday in hope of finding April. Police divers braved swollen rapids attached to one another via safety ropes to scour the riverbed, while British Transport Police conducted a meticulous search in fields near Ceinws. Around 12 officers used rakes and spades to sift through mud near Bridger’s farmhouse and inspected drains and a nearby hillside in hope that April may be found.

Dyfed Powys Police chaplain Tom Evans explained the toll the search operation was taking on the officers, by saying, “What they are going through is so tough. Many have children the same age as April and would really like to be with their families at this tragic time. We had a team of officers who went back to London in tears because they hadn’t found April.”

Residents of Machynlleth are also hoping that April will be found soon. Supermarkets are being filled with trolleys of supplies every hour to keep the provisions coming as long as the search for April Jones continues.

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