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British tourist killed at Thailand New Year beach party, Thai man arrested

Written on:January 2, 2024
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Koh Phangan island, where the British tourist was shot, is renowned for hippy beach parties

The Thailand police have detained a suspect in relation to a British tourist’s death on a popular Thai island. The British tourist in question is 22-year-old Stephen David Ashton, who was hit in his upper body early on Tuesday by a stray bullet, and subsequently breathed his last at a hospital. The tourist was struck by a stray bullet during a New Year’s beach party.

As per Police Col. Krittakarn Kramomthong on Wednesday, the British tourist’s death has resulted in a 26-year-old Thai male being arrested. His pistol has been impounded by the police.

The man, arrested in connection with the British tourist’s death on the Thai island, is likely to be charged with manslaughter. As per the police, the dead British tourist was among many Thais and overseas nationals partying on Koh Phangan island to celebrate the New Year. That was when a scuffle erupted between two groups of armed young Thais.

Stephen David Ashton, who hails from southern London, was reveling at Haad Rin, an area of beach renowned for its full moon parties. Reportedly, just after 3 am, a fight started between the two armed Thai groups at Zoom Bar, which is one of the beachside party venues adorning Haad Rin. As one of the arguing Thai men walked away from the Zoom Bar, he supposedly released a gun and fired into the crowd. A stray bullet penetrated the side of Ashton’s chest, while he was dancing on the beach.

As per media reports, a Thai reveler was wounded in the shooting. A nurse at the Thai hospital, to which Ashton was taken for treatment, voiced to The Independent that doctors used up 40 minutes attempting to resuscitate Ashton but were unsuccessful.

The killing of the British tourist on the Koh Phangan island is certain to generate disturbing queries about tourists’ security on the island, which is known for its hippy beach gatherings and is considered one of Southeast Asia’s party capitals, attracting scores of Westerners. Koh Phangan has gained wealth because of tourism but has acquired notoriety simultaneously due to violent crimes in the island.

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  1. Jacob says:

    quite heartbreaking…

  2. Derek says:

    I hope the victim’s soul rests in peace…but is it necessary to participate in such drunken parties all the time to welcome the New Year?…The New Year can be welcomed also by spending time with family and good friends….instead of going to drunken parties and shady places with a potential for violence..

  3. John says:

    tragedy!… what a sad way to start the New Year for the ill-fated family of the victim…

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