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Rail fare hikes effective from today, average rise of 4.3% to hit commuters

Written on:January 2, 2024
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Some rail fares have gone up by more than 50% in the past decade

Rail fare hikes that were announced in November 2012 are set become effective from today as commuters return to work after the week-long festivities. In the New Year, season ticket holders will be greeted with rail fare hikes, which have increased by an average of 4.3%, while the overall ticket prices in rail transport services have gone up by 3.9% in England, Wales, and Scotland.

The rail fare for the Leeds-Wakefield route which was £908, will now cost £964, a rise of 6.16%. Bishop’s Stortford-London route tickets will cost £3,704, which is a 4.04% from £3,560. Portsmouth Harbour-London tickets will cost £4,668, which is a 4.19% hike from £4,480. The Basingstoke-London route commuters will have to shell out £3,960, which is a 4.21% hike from the previous rate of £3,800.

The Ramsgate-London route ticket which was priced at £4,640, will now cost £4,864, a 4.82% rise. The Woking-London ticket fare will be £2,896, which is a 4.17% rise from £2,780. Folkestone-London rail fares will now cost £4,836, which is a 4.85% rise from £4,612. Reading-London route tickets which used to cost £3,800, have rose 4.21% to cost £3,960, Sevenoaks-London train fare will cost £3,112, a 4.43% hike from £2,980.

The Aylesbury-London route train fares will cost £3,632, up 3.18% from £3,520, while the Bedford-London route fares have gone up 4.19% from £4,004 to £4,172. The Hastings-London train fares which were priced £4,400 have gone up by 4.18% to £4,584. While the Canterbury-London route train fares now cost £4,812, which is a 4.80% rise from £4,588, the Deal-London fares rose similarly to cost £4,864, from its earlier price of £4,640, rising 4.82%. Dover Priory-London fares also rose by 4.82% from £4,640 to £4,864.

The Ludlow-Hereford rail route fares will cost £1,992, rising 5.28% from £1,892. The fares of Bangor-Llandudno route also went by 5.16% to £1,140 from £1,084. Morpeth-Newcastle commuters will have to pay 5% more on the fares with the rates going up from £960 to £1,008. The West Malling-London route fares saw a 4.42% from £3,712 to £3,876.

Rail fare hikes of 4.27% were seen on the Guildford-London route, which went up from £3,092 to £3,224. The Bracknell-London route tickets will now cost £3,960, rising 4.21% from the earlier £3,800. Braintree-London train fares will cost £4,124, with a 4.14% rise from £3,960. The Tunbridge Wells-London rail fares have risen 4.13%, from £3,968 to now cost £4,132.

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