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Crete trial: Luke Walker to return to UK on bail

Written on:October 16, 2023
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The majestic island of Crete has been in the news for its murder trial involving UK nationals

Luke Walker, who has been accused of murdering his girlfriend, Chelsea Hyndman, in May 2010 in the Greek island of Crete, has been permitted to return to the UK on bail despite going on trial in Crete.

Luke Walker, who has been in Crete the last two-and-a-half years, has, however been told by the court that he must be present for future court hearings in Crete.

The Crete court sat for less than 60 minutes before being adjourned as vital prosecution witnesses hadn’t been summoned.

Prosecutors in Crete have voiced that the 20-year-old Chelsea Hyndman was walloped by Walker, as a result of which she was transported to the hospital due to the abdominal ache she was experiencing after being walloped by Walker. She couldn’t survive though.

Luke Walker has, however, always repudiated the charge that he murdered Chelsea. Walker, who hails from Brierley Hill near Dudley, has expressed that Chelsea actually ‘fell’ during a night out in the resort town of Malia, where the twosome were working as bar staffers.

Walker, who expressed his surprise on being allowed to go to the UK, has uttered that he simply desires to clear the muckiness on his reputation, due to the murder charge against him. It has been strenuous for him to get a job because of this stain on his standing. Walker stated that he expected the trial to commence. He has said he doesn’t know what to do in the UK. He has expressed his gratefulness to his family and friends for their support for him.

Heather Hyndman, Chelsea’s mother, who had attended the hearing in Crete, had remarked, before Walker was given bail, that life has been crestfallen for her ever since her daughter died. Heather voiced that she felt guilty if she laughed over any issue as Chelsea was dead.

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  1. Brian says:

    Chelsea needs to get justice….I feel sad for her distraught family…

  2. Jennifer says:

    Justice needs to prevail… that is all I can say…

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