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Late Cyril Smith to face police probe over Cambridge House sex abuse claims

Written on:November 21, 2023
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Labour MP Simon Danczuk has said Cyril Smith smacked boys’ nude bottoms at Cambridge House hostel

Late Sir Cyril Smith, ex-Rochdale MP, who passed away two years back, will now be reinvestigated by the police as sexual abuse allegations against him have resurfaced. Cyril Smith has been accused of administered punishments to defenseless children at the Cambridge House hostel.

MPs were told by Labour MP Simon Danczuk in the Commons that Cyril Smith walloped youngsters’ nude bottoms at the Cambridge House hostel in Rochdale, where Cyril Smith was provided with a disciplinarian role.

As per Simon Danczuk, young boys were humiliated, petrified and reduced to a trembling condition by the bully, Cyril Smith, who had imposed his menacing personality on them.

Assistant Chief Constable, Steve Heywood, of Greater Manchester Police, has remarked that his police force would investigate any sexual abuse allegations against Late Sir Cyril Smith, dating back to 1974 and since then.

Steve Heywood also voiced that the Greater Manchester Police is scrutinising their historical documents to ascertain whether sexual abuse allegations against Cyril Smith were investigated in the 1980s and 1990s.

The Assistant Chief Constable has expressed that some of the sexual abuse allegations against Cyril Smith go back to the 1970s. The police force’s computerised annals do not have data from that period. Thus, the police will need some additional time to verify whether sexual abuse accusations against Cyril Smith were filed and investigated then.

Heywood has guaranteed to meticulously investigate any fresh sexual abuse allegations against the Late MP and has promised to provide assistance to the victims, who come forward with complaints.

The unpalatable allegations against Cyril Smith come in the backdrop of the Jimmy Savile sexual abuse scandal, which has shaken the conscience of UK. A new report of the Office of the Children’s Commissioner has stated that at least 2409 English children were raped and maltreated by criminal gangs in England from August 2010 to October 2011.

Jack Straw, the ex-Labour Home Secretary, had recently remarked that he was stalked by a paedophile at the age of 11. The paedophile offered Straw incentives but Straw fled the scene terrified.

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