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Chip pan fire in Essex ignites millions of litres of cooking oil, diesel

Written on:November 20, 2023
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Firefighters are working to extinguish the Essex blaze with foam branches, water relay and a ground monitor

A chip pan fire at Brentwood in Essex, which set fire to 160,000 litres of cooking oil, has resulted in the fire service calling the Utility companies and the Environment Agency to assist in the stabilisation of the situation. The firefighters were made aware of the inferno at a storage yard in Little Warley, near Brentwood, just after 5 am on Tuesday.

Assistant divisional officer, Leigh Corke, has uttered that 65 firefighters were working to douse the blaze. Apart from the 160,000 litres of cooking oil, the blaze also contained 30,000 tonnes of paper and 30,000 litres of diesel.

A spokesman of the fire service has remarked that, once the blaze has been extinguished, an inquest will be conducted jointly by the police and fire service to ascertain the cause of the copious blaze.

The spokesman has remarked that, three hours into the fire, the firefighters have remarked that 3000 litres of diesel, 50,000 litres of cooking oil and other catering industry ingredients remain afire.

The methods, being employed by the firefighters to put out the fire, include establishing a water relay, using three jets, two foam branches and a ground monitor.

Firefighting squads from London have been called to provide assistance in case such a situation arises.

Incident commander, divisional officer Mark Samuels, has remarked that the blaze should be extinguished soon. The storage yard in question is a recycling yard, which recycles numerous sorts of used oils. Thus, the intensity of this blaze was strong. The blaze was in the ultimate stages of being doused, uttered Samuels.

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