2012 London Olympic security blasted by The Sun

Written on:May 7, 2023
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Security measures at the 2012 London Olympic was questioned after a leading tabloid smuggled a fake bomb onto the site just 82 days before the opening ceremony for the Summer Games, rendering all the military measures to defend the Games “pointless”.

In a stunt conducted by the Sun on Friday, a worker allegedly carried an artificial bomb in the cabin of his digger passing two checkpoints without being searched by security staff. Embarrassed after the incident, the Home Office, which is responsible for domestic security, has asked Locog, the organiser of the Games, to look into the incident and report back to the home secretary.

According to The Sun, security guards failed to spot anything as the worker drove with the dummy semtex device inside a heavily-guarded ring of steel, before openly taking photographs posing next to the stadium and athletes’ village with the package.

The man, who has been working at the site for several years, contacted The Sun after he was searched only when he arrived each morning, and was then able to leave and re-enter without further checks.

“I can meet anyone on the outside without anyone knowing and bring anything inside without anyone checking. If I had terrorist connections I could be bringing in explosives, chemicals – anything at all. It’s a massive security loophole”, The Sun quoted him as saying.

Responding to the allegations of the newspaper, the Locog spokeswoman said, “Clearly a tupperware box containing batteries, a moblie phone and some loose wires would not pose a security threat on a construction site. However, we will be looking into the allegations to ensure our security regimes are as robust as they need to be at this time.”

After spending more than 1 billion pounds on safeguarding the Olympics, this type of loophole in security is definitely terrifying when Britain is seen as a prime target for terrorists due to its constant support to the USA.

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