Londoners seek legal aid against missile deployment in civilian areas

Written on:May 2, 2023
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With the 2012 London Olympics nearing, the whole of Britain is awaiting in anticipation the summer games, but East London residents are busy contacting lawyers to see if they can stop the roofs of their homes being used as missile launch pads during the Games.

Residents of the private gated flats in Bow, East London, seek to know the details behind the deal, which allowed the Ministry of Defence (MoD) to install rockets on the roof.

“Ideally I would like them to reverse the decision. We have instructed solicitors to find out from the management company on what grounds they have allowed the MoD to have access to our building”, said furious Brian Whelan, whose house is one of six possible sites that could be used as missile base.

A massive 2012 security test on land, sea and in the air in London and Weymouth, to protect against potential terror attacks, will be held from May 2 to 10. The test, dubbed Olympic Guardian, will involve military and civilian personnel. Residents of the estate have received a leaflet warning them that a team of 10 soldiers and police will be stationed at the building for the duration of the Games.

Commenting in the protest by residents, MoD spokesman said, “The safety of the Games is paramount and working alongside the police the MoD has conducted a broad range of community engagement in those areas where ground-based air defence may be sited. This work has included extensive talks with local authorities and landowners alongside briefing local MPs, talking with community representatives and, most recently, delivering leaflets to the homes of residents in those areas in question.

He further explained that people expect their everyday life to be least disrupted but at the same time they also want the government to protect them during the Games.

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