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Toddler Jamie Heaton dies in gas explosion, man charged with manslaughter

Written on:September 10, 2023
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Devastating death at Oldham as two-year-old Jamie Heaton dies in gas explosion

Jamie Heaton, a two-year-old toddler, was killed tragically in a gas explosion that occurred in Oldham, Manchester, which left a 26-year-old man Anthony Partington, responsible for the explosion in coma, with 30% burn injuries, while destroying 12 houses on the street.

Andrew Partington has been charged with manslaughter and criminal damage of over £1 million and is to appear in Oldham Magistrate’s court this afternoon. The blast occurred at his rented terrace house, which was next to Jamie Heaton’s home.

Chief Crown Prosecutor, Nazir Afzal, said, “The seat of the blast was in number nine and Jamie, who was in the living room of his home at number 11 watching television, died as a result of the explosion. I would like to express my sympathy to Mr and Mrs Heaton on their tragic loss. After considering the evidence, I am satisfied there is sufficient to charge Andrew Partington with manslaughter and criminal damage.”

Jamie Heaton’s family was devastated due to the loss. They said in a statement, “Jamie was a happy, loving little boy – precious son to Michelle and Kenny and loving little brother to Jodie and Jack. Jamie’s life was full of laughter. He loved going to preschool, playing with sand and water and going to the park. He touched the hearts of all who knew him and will be missed by all.”

Investigation reports said that Partington had had a quarrel with his girlfriend, a few hours before the explosion. He was so badly hurt that he remained in hospital for treatment ever since.

Police were intimated of the gas explosion in Buckley Street at around 11.15 am where two houses, number nine and number 11, were destroyed in the blast and left other homes damaged.

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