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CCTV cameras in school toilets raising huge concerns

Written on:September 12, 2023
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54 UK schools have more than one camera for every 15 students

The use of CCTV cameras across different schools in the United Kingdom has raised huge concern toward students. There are more then 800 cameras that have been placed in the toilets or changing rooms of 207 schools across England, Scotland and Whales.

A national study found that a total of 825 cameras were found in the toilets or changing rooms of schools across England, Scotland and Wales. The figures were provided by more then 2000 schools across the UK. Although one in 10 schools which use CCTV said cameras were placed in such places, while 54 schools have more than one camera for every 15 students.

Responses from 2,107 secondary schools and academies showed that they used 47,806 camera including 26,887 inside school buildings. With 1.8 million pupils being taught in these schools, there is an average of one camera for every 38 children.

Big Brother Watch Director Nick Pickles has stated that the research can come as a huge concern for the privacy of school children across Britain, with some schools having one camera for every five pupils and hundreds of schools using camera in changing rooms. Schools have to make a statement as to why they are using the cameras and what is happening to the footage.

Big Brother Watch has sent a request to more then 2000 schools and has also warned that the Home Office proposals for a new regulatory structure was “not fit for purpose”.

All in all, the estimated number of secondary schools and academies across England, Wales and Scotland was now 106,710 according to campaigners.

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