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Harry Harper dog assault case: Toddler died due to major head wounds

Written on:November 23, 2023
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Week-old toddler, Harry Harper, breathed his last at Princess Royal Hospital in Telford

Harry Harper, the week-old toddler, who was killed by his family’s pet dog in Shropshire, passed away on account of a major head injury, as per a post-mortem performed on the toddler.

The dog, which nibbled Harry Harper, was a Jack Russell-terrier cross, Duke. The dog has subsequently been eliminated.

Harry Harper died in the Princess Royal Hospital in Telford shortly after arriving there. An emergency medical squad had been called to his grandparents’ residence in Ketley, Telford, on Tuesday morning. The attack by the dog on Harry Harper had occurred at his grandparents’ home in Ketley.

The West Mercia Police force has voiced that the coroner would initiate an investigation in the very near future.

Superintendent Nav Malik has articulated that the Harry Harper death was being investigated as a catastrophic mishap involving the family’s pet canine. Additional elaborate tests have to be implemented. Therefore, presently, no additional data regarding the Harry Harper death investigation can be discharged to the public.

The West Mercia Police force has revealed that its inquest into the Harry Harper death is likely to continue for some additional time.

The Jack Russell-terrier cross has been described as generally friendly but with the tendency to be vicious infrequently.

The detectives are unlikely to charge the grandparents of Harry Harper and are scrutinising the probability that the dog may have become envious of Harry Harper.

Forensic squads have spent much time scouring the Ketley residence where the fatal assault on Harry Harper occurred. The family of the toddler has declared, via the police, that they are battling to accept the reality of their toddler’s death. It is an indescribably devastating blow. They pleaded that they be permitted to grieve in private.

The friends of 19-year-old Mikayla Bell, Harry Harper’s mother, have articulated their heartbrokenness on hearing the news of Harry Harper’s death. Just some hours back, they had posted messages expressing joyousness because of Harry Harper’s birth.

Mikayla Bell, a model, and Tom Harper, a trainee electrician, have been described by their neighbours as genial parents of the now dead Harry Harper.

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