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HSBC UK websites down after massive cyber attack

Written on:October 22, 2023
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HSBC websites subjected to cyber attack, panic spreads among customers

HSBC’s UK arm suffered a massive cyber attack on last Thursday which disrupted its online services, as panic spread among customers that their data may have been compromised, but HSBC has assured that such a calamitous situation has not occurred.

HSBC said, “This denial of service attack did not affect any customer data, but did prevent customers using HSBC online services, including internet banking. We are taking appropriate action, working hard to restore service. We are pleased to say that some sites are now back up and running. We are cooperating with the relevant authorities and will co-operate with other organisations that have been similarly affected by such criminal acts.”

HSBC claimed to have no knowledge of the culprit of the cyber attacks. But, The Inquirer reported that the Anonymous group had claimed it was behind the incident.

The Inquirer also reported that a Twitter account called @Fawkessecurity has claimed responsibility for the act and posted a statement to Pastebin. The tweet said: ”As some of you may be aware HSBC bank suffered several DDoS attacks on the named sites in the past hours they were all brought down by #FawkesSecurity. The proof is all in our Twitter account, Targets, time and date @FawkesSecurity.”

HSBC, on its part, said, ”We are taking appropriate action, working hard to restore service”, adding that some of the sites have been restored to normalcy.

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Cyber security is a major issue, on which security of innocent people depends…. such is the prevalence of technology these days…….

  2. Darren says:

    These cyber attacks are a real concern…vital customer data can be looted and then customers will be in danger and tension forever…

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