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Kate Middleton news: Duchess wants to get pregnant to resurrect public image

Written on:October 19, 2023
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A heir to the throne to revive tarnished image…Is Kate trying to get pregnant?

Latest Kate Middleton news says that the Duchess of Cambridge wants to get pregnant soon to wash off the tainted image that took a royal beating with the Kate Middleton nude pictures scandal.

Sources claim that Kate Middleton was deeply saddened by the publication of her explicit images, which gave her negative publicity for more than two weeks. Now, Kate Middleton wants to erase the bad memories that haunt her of the nude photos scandal, and wants to be a mother soon to resurrect her public image.

Kate hopes to rejuvenate her image in front of the world by handing a heir to the throne. The source says, Kate is very aware of her public image. She was worried the topless pictures might affect the way people see her. She’s very proud of her status as a down-to-earth fashionista, and she’s looking to hold on to it!”

“Kate and William are longing for a baby. And Kate knows that if she did get pregnant, it would make news around the world — and detract away from the picture scandal. It’ll be win win.”, the source added.

Kate Middleton’s fake pregnancy news also did the rounds during the same time when the nude pictures scandal happened. With her close friend and bodyguard Emma Probert getting pregnant, Kate is experiencing a “baby heartbreak” as she can’t help but feel envious, sources claim.

Kate and Price William are making serious efforts to have a baby, and Prince William is reportedly doing his best to pacify Middleton’s stress. It has emerged that Kate cannot refrain from apologising to the Prince and the royal family since the time when the nude photos hit the newsstands.

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  1. Anastasia says:

    I honestly feel sorry for Prince William but definitely not for Kate. Why is Kate putting William in this awkward position ? William have had more than enough hurts in his young life without any being his own fault.
    The future Queen should know very well that, the moment she exits the door of her house she is entering the public property and exposed to the public eye ….no exuses. Out of respect to the man who loves her dearly and had sacrificed a lot to give her a royal life and status she should be better working hard to supoport her charming Prince and not just trying to put herself in the centre of attention. It should not be all about having a lean body and wearing a beautiful clothes. Given her highly privileged status, there is for sure much more that she can give to her charming Prince and to her nation.

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